Rise and shine: it’s all about glitter!

Girls, rise and shine! Because this fall is shaping up to be quite a bright one. How come? Seems like designers all played being Peter Pan’s fairy Tinkerbell this fall season: they bandied glitter around as if they were to celebrate the last day on earth. The more, the better: they literally piledsparkling sequins up on skirts, coats and dresses, they cladded shoes, bags, and yes – even the model’s faces — with glitter and (ab)used copiously shiny, metallic fabrics.

The result was radiant, beaming, lustrous: at Max Mara’s, the classic camel coat turned into a bright gold plaid, Maison Margiela mixed sequins with easygoing daywear, Gucci couldn’t decide between sequins and color (so combined both), Saint Laurent had so many bling bling details we could write a book about it. Ahh, and the shoes! Sparkling feet all over the place at Dolce&Gabbana’s, Giuseppe Zanotti’s, Balenciaga’s, Miu Miu’s…

The message behind this is loud and clear: this fall season, wear what you want, wear as much of it as you want, and when in doubt, add some more. Afraid of looking kitsch? You won’t. Because now, any day silhouette is perfect for party — and any party silhouette is perfect for the day. We say goodbye to the habit of dressing differently for work and for the evening. What we do now is dressing exactly how we feel like. And this definitely is very, very resplendent!

Original Source: http://www.theblondesalad.com/fashion/trends/rise-and-shine-this-fall-its-all-about-glitter-from-top-to-toe.html


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