20 Genius Makeup Hacks

Most of us have mastered the basics when it comes to makeup — stuff like how to remove waterproof mascarawhere to apply blush, and how to cover up a zit with the right concealer. But even if you've been wearing eyeshadow and foundation for decades, there are some next-level tricks out there that will leave you asking yourself, "How did I not know this?!" So if you're looking to learn a few smart beauty tips that will save you time and money — all while looking more glam than ever! — you're in the right spot.

From tried-and-true beauty insider secrets to the makeup techniques celebs rely on (we see you, highlighting and contouring), we've rounded up the best tips and tricks recommended by makeup pros and makeup junkies alike. Whether you're looking to fix common makeup problems like creasing, smudging, or fading, or you just want to change up your look, here are the best makeup hacks that you need to try ASAP.

1 Powder your lashes.

The key to fluffier and fuller lashes? A little translucent powder. After your first coat of mascara, dust your lashes with a gentle coat of loose powder — this will add volume to your eyelashes by making them look thicker. Add a second coat of mascara to cover the dustiness, and you'll see the difference for yourself.

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2 Apply concealer in a triangle.

Instead of dotting concealer under your eyes, apply in un upside down triangle to brighten any dark circles and draw attention up to your pupils.

3 Learn how to apply eyeliner to complement your eye shape.

Everyone's eyes are different — so that means everyone's eyeliner should be drawn on a little bit differently, too. First, figure out your eye shape (hooded eyes, downturned eyes, monolid eyes, or round eyes), then learn the best eyeliner to use and the right way to apply it to make your eyes stand out.

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4 Take your time putting on false eyelashes...

When applying fake eyelashes, don't rush to apply them after adding the glue. "Wait until lash glue has dried for about 30 to 40 seconds before applying falsies to keep the strip from sliding around and a faster dry-time on lids," suggests Good Housekeeping editor Jessica Teich.

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5...and don't forget to look down.

After you've given your glue a minute to dry, hold a mirror below your line of sight as you put on your fake lashes. "Look down into a mirror when applying falsies," says Teich. "It makes it easier to place the strip close to the lash line."

6 Refresh your clumpy mascara.

If your favorite tube of mascara is starting to get a little clumpy, add a few drops of saline solution and swirl your brush around — it will add moisture to the mascara's formula and extend its shelf life.

7 Use eyeshadow as eyeliner

No eyeliner? No problem, your eyeshadow palette can do the trick. "Simply wet an angle brush with water or setting spray. Dip the wet brush into your eyeshadow, then line your eye as you would with traditional liner," says makeup artist Dana Rae Ashburn-McKissock. "For a smoky look, allow the wet shadow line to dry and then lightly run a Q-tip along your lash line and blend for a softer result."

8 Don't line your entire eye with dark liner.

After you finish applying any kind of eyeliner to your upper lashline, stop there or else your eyes will look smaller. "Avoid rimming your entire eyes in a dark color, unless you're going for a full-blown smoky eye," says Ashburn-McKissock. "Covering anything in a dark color is slimming, so you want to keep dark colors on the top and outer corners of the eyes to lift and accentuate."

9 Apply nude or white liner to your waterline to widen eyes.

While dark liner on your waterline will close eyes in, white eyeliner has the opposite effect. "Find a liner that is a few shades lighter than your skin tone. Apply the liner to your bottom waterline," says Ashburn-McKissock. "This will give the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes."

10 Use white eyeliner to accentuate your brows.

Hold on to that white eyeliner because you'll need it for your brows, too. Draw and then blend thin line of white or nude eyeliner directly under your eyebrows — this will dramatically highlight the natural arch of your brows.

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